Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Inc.

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PSAAI members at the World Allergy Congress 2015, Seoul, Korea

  Recently attended the World Allergy Congress 2015 in Seoul, Korea along with 20 other Filipino allergists and fellows in training. Attendance was said to have been 2,200 delegates from 76 countries, so it was truly a world event.   The PSAAI members who were able to attend were all in agreement that there was indeed much learning and fun global networking. It's always an eye opener to see and hear world wide views and updates on allergic diseases. While the scientists have so much to be excited about, what with all the high-falluting research on new diagnostic biologic markers, pathophysiologic mechanisms and new designs on therapeutic agents, clinicians look forward to all this data to be translated to clinical tools that can ultimately help in patient care.      

National Allergy Day 2015

National Allergy Day 2015 (2)

PSAAI holds 1st Immunology Course

WAC 2015



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President's Message

Happy National Allergy Day to everyone!

July 8 is a day officially promulgated by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as such in 2006 when the National Allergy Day (NAD) was celebrated for the first time under the leadership of Dr Hiyas Lim. 

Originally conceptualized to increase public awareness about allergic diseases, this year, NAD extends beyond this goal. Now it aims to educate patients and the public about the environment and what we can do to improve it. After all, the environment could very well be triggering one's allergies. 

Together, let us make concerted efforts to SAVE MOTHER EARTH and help CONTROL YOUR ALLERGIES!

Know your Allergy

Know your Allergies

Have you been told that you have food allergy or do you believe that you have food allergy? Do you or someone you know, shun certain foods because you are “allergic”? Surveys show that nearly one third of all adults...

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